Our Essence


We are textile dyers. Working with many different mediums including natural dyes & Eco prints ( the transferring of leaves & flowers to cloth)  and traditional Tie dyeing with vibrant shades of colour. Our artistry comes alive in our detailed geometric patterns accompanied by resist dye patterns created from an ancient method called Shibori. The nature of the work ensures that no 2 pieces are the same, replica-table, but never the same, this way of dying makes each individual piece one of a kind art work. All of our work is hand tied & dyed by us. 

We create everything from baby onesies to children's t-shirts & dresses right up to adult short, long sleeve & hooded shirts. Bandanas, (for humans & pets)  prayer flags, cushion covers, beach blankets, sarongs, hats (kids too), yoga tights (one of our best sellers) socks & undies. Our tapestries, wall hangings and bed sets allow us to design larger & more intricate sacred geometry patterns. Our botanical line features, dresses, tights, silk scarves, zip pouches, bamboo scarves, t-shirts, & hemp / cotton leggings. 

Our Botanical line is created with all ethically sourced, sustainable & natural fabric. The botanical dyes we use are sourced from nature. Including,  Indigo, cochineal, lac & logwood. We also have relationships with local florists to collect their waste such as roses & eucalyptus to be used in our eco prints. We forage & source many of our dyes from our local environment (and our own kitchen waste) such as, avocado pits & peels, onion peels, pinecones, birch bark, goldenrod, elderberries, rosemary, sumac, marigolds. All can be gathered and used after its life cycle has expired. Steam bundling is a method that uses very little water (limiting our overall use) & energy and is how we create eco prints. We have a collaboration with Willow Fern designs who is a local (North Bay) seamstress / fibre artist, she does the sewing of garments in our botanical line, we design them together, she sews them up and hands them back and we naturally dye them. This is a conscious and reciprocal relationship between local businesses and creates conscious sustainable fashion.